International Reggae Day (IRD) is JulyOne

The reggae networking and information space Music Congress presents in association with partners including Reggae Fraternity UK, Sound System Outernational, Goldsmiths, University Of London, ReggaeGlobal & Culture 2022, Chaaawaaa Radio, Shining Stars and BTWSC/African Histories Revisited, the London, UK hub event marking International Reggae Day:


International theme: Ska @ 60

UK theme: Lovers Rock @ 50/Region Focus: Bristol/Southampton

2022 Provisional programme

Allison Mason (Shining Stars): event host.


5.30-6.15pm Chaaawaaa Radio DJ set 


6.15-6.20pm Welcome message

6.20-6.45pm Jamaica @ 60

6.45-6.50pm Reggae Tree Update

6.50-7.10pm Music Industry messages from industry bodies and industry awareness messages

7.10-7.40pm Ska @ 60

7.40-8.00pm IRD UK People's Choice Winners

8.00-8.30pm IRD UK Region Focus: Southampton/Bristol

8.30-8.45pm Lovers Rock @ 50

9.00-10.00pm Multi-DJ Set - a) In Memorial Set* b) Lovers Rock @ 50 Set c) British Reggae Anthems d) Women's Choice???? 


10.00-midnight Shining Stars Artist Showcase

*We'll include a memorial to Nicky Thomas and need to research to find out the date on which he died in 1990???? >>>>>> If you can corroborate his date of death, please email:

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